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Token for WebEx unique URL

Question asked by 21323 on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by 913daf9f3fe0476ce8b036acf3f7e54c6e8acefa
I am setting up webinars in WebEx and requiring all to register and have selected the box registration ID required in WebEx.  I then create my campaign/program in Marketo and go through the process of setting up event partner.  When it comes to the confirmation email, I am trying to use the token {{member.webinar url}} so that after one registers they will receive an email with their unique url.  

What happens is the email does not respond properly with the token thus not providing the unique url.

In the confirmation email I will create the verbiage:

    Access URL - embed the {{member.webinar url}} as a link

When the confirmation email is received the unique url link is not there.

Any help one can give on getting registrants their unique url in WebEx would be appreciated.