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    Automating A/B test and Roll, is it possible?

      I've figured out how to perform an A/B test on a subset of a list (using the random sample feature) and I've figured out how to send an email to the rest of said list (using the member of smart campaign feature).

      What I want to do is A/B test a portion of a list, then send the better email to the rest.

      For example, I've got a list of 100,000 and I A/B test 10% of that.  I find out that email B has a 25% higher open rate so I would like to send that email to the other 90% of the list.

      As far as I know I have to set up another smart list and manually select email B to be sent to the other 90%.

      Is it possible to set up a flow that automatically selects the better of two emails based on a certain measure from the A/B test results, for example open rate?