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Problems with updating Lead data

Question asked by 35974 on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by 35974
Hey guys im new here,

my problem is when did all the steps in the tutorial for updating lead data . I got to Step 1.6 Enter your Tradeshow program. I did that succesfully but when I reach the next  step,Step 2: Update Leads’ Job Titles. I switch over to leads like it instructs me to do, but the leads wont congregate like they are supposed to . There are no leads anywere I have been successeful all the way up and followed all the tutorials. Finally I hit a hard spot cant anyone help? 


    • 7595
      Can you provide a link to the tutorial that you're using, so I can better understand the scenario?
      • 35974
        Here is the Tutuorial I was attempting to do. no leads come back when i follow these steps Ive been successful  till then.

        Thanks for responding By the way.