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    Receiving Multiple Alerts with each Score Increase over our Activity threshold.

      Hi All,

      Relatively new to Marketo. I set up a flow to send an alert to the Sales rep once the lead reaches a certain threshold (70 in our case). However once they reach the threshold and perform anotehr activity to increase the score, another alert is sent. 

      For example:

      Someone signs up for Webinar and crosses threshold - Score = 75 - Alert Sent.
      Same person downloads a pricing sheet - Score 85 - Another Alert Sent.

      My Flow to activate the Lifecycle is as follow:

      Score is Changed: New Score is greater than 69.

      I understand that this flow is causing an alert to be sent everytime the score changes and the new score is over 70; my question is, how do I stop it after the first alert. Thanks!