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Determining What Campaigns Are Scheduled

Question asked by 0d13afa422899a124cf14174e2ab4858a2b8681e on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2014 by 47283
Until today, I was under the impression that all email marketing or marketing automation providers has a quick and prebuilt way to determine which campaigns are scheduled to send. The only way I can determine if a campaign is schedule is by knowing the name of the campaign and going into the scheduled tab.

When I couldn't find a "Scheduled Emails or Scheduled Campaigns" option in marketing activities, I figure I could build some type of report to determine this.

But customer support could not assist me with this.

Any ideas?

I did read the 2012 posts on the calendar functionality. And update on that?

Below is my case and the response...

My support case: Our admin is on vacation. I've used several different marketing automation systems, but I can't figure out how to view scheduled campaigns in Marketo.

Is there a report I can build to see campaigns with future sent dates? Most applications have a tab or standard report that shows this. Could you show me where to find this in Marketo?

Marketo support response:

"Unfortunately, there are no pre-built reports in Marketo that will display a list of upcoming or "to be run" campaigns.

In lieu of your missing admin, I would suggest reaching out to the community at "" to give you some more of the basic information that may be proprietary to Marketo."