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    Embed a Survgizmo survey in landing page and pass parameters to SurveyGizmo

           Hi Guys,
           We've had great success with using SurveyGizmo and Marketo for email campaigns, where I can dynamically build the link to the survey and append parameters dynamically as the emails get generated for each lead/contact passing their email, first/last name and company to the survey (or any Marketo token that we want captured in the SurveyGizmo response)
           I want to use the survey embedded in an iFrame in the Marketo landing page, and would like to know if anybody has succesfully doen this by passsing Marketo tokens/parameters to the survey through the URL.
           SurveyGizmo does offer several options, Javascript embed, iFrame, Static HTML, Website pop-up.
           Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
           Thank you