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Embed a Survgizmo survey in landing page and pass parameters to SurveyGizmo

Question asked by 19115 on Sep 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by Somesh Ramesh
     Hi Guys,
     We've had great success with using SurveyGizmo and Marketo for email campaigns, where I can dynamically build the link to the survey and append parameters dynamically as the emails get generated for each lead/contact passing their email, first/last name and company to the survey (or any Marketo token that we want captured in the SurveyGizmo response)
     I want to use the survey embedded in an iFrame in the Marketo landing page, and would like to know if anybody has succesfully doen this by passsing Marketo tokens/parameters to the survey through the URL.
     SurveyGizmo does offer several options, Javascript embed, iFrame, Static HTML, Website pop-up.
     Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
     Thank you