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    ON24 Integration and custom Progression Statuses

      Hi All,
      I tried looking but couldnt find the exact answer to these questions. I am trying to set up an integration between Marketo and ON24 for one of our upcoming webinars. As a part of required actions I have to have the first progression status to be changed to "Registered" in Flow actions after a person fills out a form. And I would really appreciate if someone can answer a couple of questions I have:

      What if I have renamed all of my progression statuses and it's not called "Registered" any more? 
      Can this have anything to do with Webinar Behavior in Channels? (I can change the names for all of my steps BUT i can not touch Webinar Behavior, so I assume IT is responsible for the actual integration)

      Thank you very much,
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          Hey Boris,

          You can setup a brand new channel in Marketo for webinars, and name the progression statuses whatever you want. If you are going to integrate it with GotoWebinar just ensure that you pick the 'Event with Webinar' type. Otherwise you won't be able to sync over the registration status from GoToWebinar (I learned the hard way).

          Once you've done that, you just want to sync your progression statuses to the new ones you have created, you can do that in your flow.

          Here is a screenshot of the custom channel that I setup.


          If you need registered to be the first, you would just get rid of 'Invited', although I wouldn't recommend that as it is a useful progression status to use for segmentation.

          Hope that helps!