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    What is the best way to sync records via API?

      What is the best way to pull records with a specific value? Currently I am using GetMuitpleLeads but I am unable to specify filter criteria, hence I have to scan every lead to check whether a specific lead record has the value that I am looking for. It works for small instances but when the instances are huge and the no of leads which get updated in an hour are huge and I am unable to keep with the sync process.

      I looked into webhooks but it really doesnt solve my issue as I may be looking to sync 1000's of records and webhooks dont play well with batch campaigns.

      My only option is static list but still I cannot filter them by a filed value. hence even if the list has 10,000 records, I have to scan them constants to pick up changes.

      What are my options here? I am really surprised that the marketo API does not specifiy filter by field.

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          We do not support querying through the API itself.  However, there is a workaround - create a batch campaign to regularly populate a static list with the data you are interested in and then use GetMultipleLeads to pull from the Static List.  
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            Thanks Raj for your response.

            Thats what I had in mind but that really complicates my design as we are now constantly adding and removing stuff from the static list and what if I had a different criteria that I am looking for, then I have to change my batch campaign and potentially create another static list and its really  not conducive for querying. :-(

            To be honest, I am really surprised as I have never worked with an API provider who doesn't offer querying/filtering capabilities through the API.  :-(