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    Unique Identifier

      Is there a way to put a unique identifier in a link, so that if the link is clicked, and you are taken to a non-Marketo landing page with form, the form will be pre-filled with your info?
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          Hi Michelle,
          It is possible to do. All you need is edit the form to include fields that you want pre-filled. Then in Field Specific set the Input Type to hidden.  In field value click edit settings and choose Get Value from URL parameter in "Get Dynamic Value" field. That will give you an option to have a specific field filled with custom info without your customers seeing the field. 
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            Hi Michelle,

            Could you give a little more detail on what you're trying to accomplish? Is this going beyond the typical pre-population of fields on a Marketo form?
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              We are sending out an email that has a button "Confirm your information".

              When this button is clicked, it will take them to a non-Marketo landing page that contains a non-Marketo form.

              Our CRM is Oracle. We want to take a uniqu identifier from oracle (a PID number that is unique to each individual) and put it in that button link so that when they click the button and are taken to  the landing page, the form is already filled out with thier information.
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                Hmm... As I'm understanding this, it's going to be a two-step process and involve a bit of on-page scripting. You'll need an experienced JavaScript/jQuery person to pull this off.

                I'm going to assume it's not a risk to your business to pass the PID in the open via URL parameter.

                1) In the email "Confirm Your Information" button, add a URL parameter to the link, e.g. http://yourcompany.com/page.html?id={{lead.PID Token}}
                     I'm not sure what the PID token is called in your database, but that's the basic idea.

                     2) Add some JavaScript / jQuery to the page where the form is hosted to pull the URL parameter into a hidden ID field

                     Alternatively, it sounds like you may be wanting to use the PID to reference your CRM and grab data to pre-fill the form? You would use a similar implementation for step 1, but Step 2 would become a bit more complicated and involve some sort of API calls into that system to retrieve the info and pre-fill the forms.
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                  Hi there, 
                  I'm trying to do something similar but from a marekto email to a marketo based landing page and form.
                  Basically I'm trying to create a subscription centre whereby  once a lead fills out a first form containing their email address this then genrates a email asking them to confirm their email address (through a unique identifier or url) whereby once they have clicked to confirm through to a unique manding page they can then update their subscription settings or unsubscribe.

                  Any advice on how best to do this really would be really appreciated.

                  Many Thanks