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    Setting up cookies and hidden fields

      I am currently using iFrames on my website to embed Marketo forms in. I have run into some inconsistency in all of my campaigns as a result. Tech support has advised that I populate a cookie on my home page with a value that indicates the form that is being filled in and then use a hidden field on the form that uses the value from the cookie. Can anyone step me through how to do this? We don't have an in-house web developer...so this task is up to me.
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          Interesting! Can definitely help with getting cookies read by an iFrame form, but can you go into a little more detail? What's the specific problem you're facing?
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            Thank you - I'm feeling hopeful!

            I'm a new user so I hope I explain this situation in a way that makes sense. I'm using iFrames that embed the Marketo form on a non-Marketo landing page. The campaigns activate when someone fills out a form, referencing the web page the form is on.

            Here is the exact verbiage I received from tech support:
            The Visits Webpage method will only work inconsistently. You will need to populate a cookie on the home page with a value that indicates which product they are filling out the form for, and then have a hidden field in the form which populates with the value from that cookie. You could call this field "Most Recent Product Interest" or something similar to indicate which product it is for without overwriting any existing information.
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              The waters get pretty deep on this one pretty quickly. What's the purpose of the campaign activating? And to what end do you need to know what parent page is being viewed on fill out?
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                The Campaign alerts the sales team that someone has been active on a whitepaper or on-demand video etc... I have created generic forms for use throughout our website. The reason I need to know what webpage the visitor has been to is so I can narrow the interest down to a specific product (ie. MEM product page uses generic form, ARED product page uses generic form....). When I know the form has been filled out on ARED page - the campaign produces a change in value (to ARED) that then populates our CRM.