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Email Link Performance Report Error

Question asked by 57284d2c3db8e861bfe4f6f8c99936b3822d7eec on Jun 13, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2013 by c3bfbe58c1db4b9b1e40f8bfa60f13db2222e6f5
I create email link performance reports all the time so I'm not sur why i'm getting an error message for this most recent report when I try to run it. I clicked new report and chose Email Link Performance. I went into the Setup tab and chose design studio emails and selected the email I wanted to report on. I don't need to add a smart list. Why does it say Error Running Report? The email was sent yesterday and I received the same error message yesterday when I tried to create the report.

Aside from that issue - Has anyone else had issues with Marketo being EXTREMELY delayed with reports? I will send out an email but I'm not able to see results from the email until hours later - sometimes not even until the next day. It was never this slow until this past month or so. Sometimes it's hard to see if the email was even sent out unless I go to the marketing activities tab and click the results of that campaign.