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    Failing to Test Dynamic Email Based on Segmentation

      Hi everyone,

      I'm new to dynamic email content based on segmentation and just when I thought I had set up everything correctly, my tests are failing!

      I created segments based on industry:

      Industry 1 Smart List:
       * Industry = Industry 1


      Then I created an email inside of a program and added dynamic elements (changed the subject, images and body).

      Then I created some test leads in SFDC and changed their Industries appropriately (to test each email variation).

      But whenever I send, all I get are the default segmentation content. It's like it's not picking up on the industry at all!

      When I go the Segmentation, I can find the test leads there, and in the lead detail in Marketo it even says the correct Industry Segment.

      The test email is approved.

      What else am I missing???