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    Send email when data value changes

      I want to create an operational program that sends me an email whenever a custom account field becomes a certain value, or changes from that value.

      For example:
      If Custom Field=C, send email 1
      If Custom Field was C but now=A, B or D, send email 2

      I've been trying to do this using the 'data value changes' trigger in the smartlist and 'send alert' flow step but it doesn't seem to be working properly.  Worst of all it sends the email to all contacts at the account.  Is there a way to do this?
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               To fix the first part, use two different triggered smart campaigns.

               First camapign will be Triggered off "Data Value Changes", Field is "Custom Field", and use the Previous Value and New Value constraints.  Previous Value could be something like "Is Empty" or "Is Not" C, and the New Value=C.

               The second campaign will also use the "Data Value Changes" trigger, use "Previous Value" constraint, with "is C", and use "New Value"  constraint "IS", click the green +/circle, and add A, B, and D.

               To fix the last paragraph, in flow, use the "Send Alert" Action, select the name of the Alert Email in the drop down, then select Send to : "NONE".  Then add your email address to "To Other Emails:" section.   You'll be the only person to get the mesage.