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    Webinars - mailing my no shows

      I have just integrated Go To Webinar with Marketo. I can see everyone who registered and attended within Marketo. But I can't see who registered and did not attend (and I'd like to email them). Even when I selec the filter "all statusus" or "no shows", nothing displays. How do I access this information?
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          Are you trying to look at the status the same day as your webinar? If GTW works the same as On24, the Attended/NoShow status doesn't change immedeately--the status updates overnight after the webinar is conducted live.

          The following day, I'm able to see in the "Members by Progression Status" section on the Program Summary the count of Registred, Attended, No-show, On-Demand.   And the MEMBERS tab shows the status of each lead.

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            Thank you for your reply, but the webinar took place some time back and I'm still unable to see no shows. I've submitted a help ticket for this.