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    Lead Owner issues for Smart Campaign alerts

    Greg Glockner
      We currently have Marketo synchronized with SugarCRM, not Salesforce. 

      We would like to send an alert email to the sales rep when a Lead visits specific web pages.  I figured out how to do this with the Lead Owner, but I cannot figure out how to assign the Lead Owner.  So, two strategies / questions:

      1. How do you assign the Lead Owner in Marketo?  Based on my reading, it looks like Lead Owner is restricted to Salesforce - and we use SugarCRM instead of Salesforce.

      2. Alternately, how do you create a Marketo Smart Campaign that sends an email alert, where the "To" address of the email alert is another Marketo field value besides Lead Owner or Account Owner?

      Thanks very much.
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          Jep Castelein
          1. Correct, lead owner fields in Marketo cannot be used with SugarCRM

          2. in the "other email" field, put {{lead.a field with the owner's email address}}, where "a field with the owner's email address" needs to be replaced with the real field name. This only works for trigger campaigns. 
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            We have a smart campaign that is triggered by the creation of a new lead.  It uses the Change Owner flow action to change the owner based on the company name; however, this flow action is organized under the Salesforce category, so it may not be available if you are not integrated with Salesforce.  If it is not available, you may be able to use the Change Data Value flow action to change the Owner field.

            If you want to send an email alert to an email address in another field besides the Lead / Account Owner, you can create a series of Choices in the Send Alert flow action as in the following example.

                                Step 1 - Send Alert                     Choice 1: If 'Alt Account Owner Email' is 'elowe@conductor.com' then:
                                                          Email:  'Website Visitor Notification'
                                                          Send To: 'None'
                                                          To Other Emails: '{{company.Alt Account Owner Email}}'
                                                      Default Choice:
                                                          -- Do Nothing --
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              We also used to be integrated with a CRM that was not Salesforce and the way we handled this was to:
              •           Create custom lead owner fields.  We called them "BVN Owner First Name, BVN Owner Last Name, BVN Owner Email Address, BVN Owner Phone, etc."
              •           When we created the Smart Campaign, we chose 'Send Alert' from the Flow steps, and in the To: field we entered the token for our BVN Owner Email Address field.  Something like {{lead.BVN Owner Email Address}}.  I also entered it in the CC field, along with other direct email addresses.
              So before you launch this, you should unsure that your customer lead owner fields are populated for all applicable leads.
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                Jep Castelein
                @ Crystal: that is exactly the recommended approach

                @ Elliott: without SFDC/Dynamics/SAP-CRM it is not possible to use the Lead Owner fields (Change Data Value doesn't work either)