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    Request campaign via an alert email

      We have alert emails for marketers and sales to inform them about new leads. I want to enable them to add the lead to a nurture campaign by clicking a link in the alert email. (e.g. http://....marketo.../requestcampaign?campaignID=1014&leadID=238657)

      I can't use a "click email" trigger as it's not the lead who clicks it, but a marketer. Any suggestions?
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          Itay Billet
          I don't think that you can do this directly from the email, but what you can do is use "Add to Marketo Campaign" option in "Sales Insight" in SFDC. Then create a smart campaign in Marketo with the following:
          Smart list - Trigger: campaign is requested "Sales insight"
          Flow - "Request Campaign" (add the name of the nurturing campaign)
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            I agree with Itay. The other way you could do it (just a preference thing) is with lead statuses. So if they change the lead status to a specified status (like recycle), they will be added to a certain campaign (drip, etc).
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              Itay is on the right path, assuming you are using Sales Insights - if you aren't, but are using SFDC you can still have a connected program (linked to SFDC campaign) that the user can make them a member of, then have a listening campaign that does the enrollment. This makes it a definitive choice rather than something that can be an errant link hit.

              I do also like Kim's comment on lead status or similar device - while qualifying you may select additional indicators that can be reacted to on the Marketo side and control the logic from their - so you don't put them back through the same campaign, or if they actually qualify higher for an alternate campaign.
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                Thank you for the feedback. We do use SFDC campaigns and trigger on member status change. We also use Sales Insight to add people to nurture tracks. I actually asked my question for a different reason.

                24 hours before a Marketing Qualified Lead is synced to Salesforce I get a heads-up-email. I (or a colleague) reviews this lead before it syncs. I want to add something to the mail to fire a trigger/campaign that prevents the sync (remove from flow and some other steps).

                The second best solution is to go to the static list (where the new MQLs are stored) in Marketo directly from the email. There select the lead and request the Marketo campaign to prevent the sync. Is this possible?

                Otherwise I would have to copy the email address from the email, Go to Lead Database, Find the lead, Select it, and request campaign. This is just way too many steps.
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                  Bringing this back up because we have the exact same issue.

                  It'd be great for our sales rep to be able to send a lead into a campaign via an alert so that they don't have to go through the extra steps of going into Salesforce and adding them to the campaign.