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    RCE Reports: Leads

      Does Marketo only track leads/contacts that originated in Marketo? For example, if I had a lead imported to SFDC (that was also synced to Marketo) would the lead/contact be tracked in the RCE Reports? I am unsure if we are tracking leads that are only from Marketo or include Salesforce leads as well. (Ie does Multitouch include those that did not originate from Marketo but were somehow touched by marketo so therefore all leads are tracked, not just those originating from Marketo?)

      Sorry that was so confusing.

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          Hi Leslie,
          Multi-toch attribution will include all leads that are in Marketo, regardless of where they originated. So yes, leads that started in SFDC and were synced down to Marketo are included in the MT attribution.

          Each lead has a "Program Acqusition Name" - that's the program that gets FT attribution. All other programs for which the lead has achieved sucess will get MT attribution.

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            What about on the Opportunity Analysis RCE report type? If I have the number of opportunitties won per lead owner does that include opportunities from both Salesforce and marketo? I guess I am confused when non Marketo originating leads/contacts are included in teh report counts.

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              The Opportunity Analysis RCE report type is reporting just on standard SFDC Opportunity information. It is not using Marketo Program information so FT and MT are not considered. The origin of a Marketo lead has nothing to do with whether the lead is associated with an Opportunity. This report type shows Marketo leads (which at this point are SFDC Contacts) and their associated Opportunities. In order for the Opportunity to show up, the SFDC Contact as to be associated with the Opportunity thought the Contact Role. This can be confusing and some sales organizaions aren't good at making sure this happens. If an SFDC Contact is associated with an Account but has no role on the Opportunity, the Opportunity will not be reported on in Marketo.

              The Program Opportunity Analysis report type shows both Opportunities and Marketo Program influence. There still has to be the association of the SFDC Contact to the Opportunity through the Contact Role for the Opportunity to appear in Marketo reporting. For this report, again, the origin of the lead doesn't matter, you can still see MT based on the Marketo Programs the lead because a success in before the Opportunity has closed.

              Hope this helps some.
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                Thank you! So opportunties that started with an SFDC lead/contact are shown in the opp report as well? Basically is this report showign all of our opportunity revenue including all lead/contacts/programs etc. This is our total opp revenue?