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    Adding a 2nd Domain

      I have a primary business with a domain, and all is going well. I have a seconday business with its own CNAME/domain and I want to use Marketo's tool with it as well. Can I? How?

      I went to the Landing Page section of the Adminpage.  Open the New menu and click New Domain Alias.

      I am not sure what to use as the Default page- or if this is the correct path. 
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          You can use Marketo with multiple domains, but be aware that cookies created on a visit to one domain are not available to another domain.  The Add additional  Landing Page CNAMEs help article should answer all of your questions.
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            Thanks but  I cannot use product2.mycompany.com
                 I need a new top level domain. And I have to know how to build a Landing page with the NEW top level domain.
                 It always defaults to my primary domain.
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              Nora Slattery
              Hi Nancy,

              When connect multiple CNAMEs/domains to one instance of marketo (i.e cname.domain1.com and cname.domain2.com) - the pages you create are always automatically linked to ALL the domains.

              As an example - if you create a page called page1.html the same page will be available at:


              You don't need to change any settings to achieve this just test it out in a browser.

              Warm regards,
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