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    Move Design Studio Assets into Marketing Activities

      I need to move some emails that are in Design Studio over to a folder (not a program) in Marketing activities so I can use them in multiple programs and use the universal tokens I created.  I can't keep them in design studio because it won't allow me to use the universal tokens.  I can't put them in one program because I have multiple programs that use the email as an asset.  Any suggestions? 
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               Couple of ideas.

               1. Clone them and keep copies within each associated program. 
               2. Create a Program under Marketing Activities called something like "Shared Emails" and move your shared emails there.  You can still send that message from a Smart Campaign in another program.  
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            You have a couple of options:
            •           Clone the emails into each new program in Marketing Activities and update them to use the My Tokens in that program.  If the email's content will likely change frequently and you don't want to have to update it in every program, you can use a Snippet and then you'll only have to update the conent one time in the Snippet in the Design Studio.
            •           Create a campaign folder and set up My Tokens in it.  Create programs in it that you want to share the same My Tokens.  You can also move programs into it.  Then create a dummy program in the campaign folder and clone or move your emails from Design Studio into it and update your emails to use the My Tokens.  You can reference these emails in any other program's smart campaigns.