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    Second call for experience with Data.com

    Kimi Heskett
      Data.com is selling us hard again but I wasn't sold on them when I asked for experience from eveyone last time (thread here). Any one have any experience with data.com they'd like to share (good or bad)?
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          I used them when I was at TITUS to try and get more complete data upon form submissions. Smaller forms with more data.

          What I found, and this could have been because I was in the security space, but was that data.com had a very small amount of records that could be matched (about 10% of my incoming leads).

          I think services like ReachForce and DemandBase are more reliable and accurate because of where they get the data from, but it all depends on what you are trying to do with it, what space you are in and what your goals are.

          Hope that helps.
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            I was a Jigsaw.com client (which was what Data.com used to be called or rather Data.com is SFDC's replacement product for Jigsaw.com) and had mixed experiences.

            Data quality was spotty and provided very little way for us to segment or target companies. So as a consequence, we ended up downloading a lot of companies that used a technology platform that we did not service.

            Data quality was spotty - they claimed 75% to 80% accuracy, we found that it was less than that, although it improved over the time we were with them.

            When our Jigsaw licenses expired in September of last year, they gave us the hard sell to upgrade on to Data.com. Frankly, they did not seem to make their case very well and really pushed the expanded SIC codes which were of little use to us, they wanted to charge us more, and were going to provide less data.

            Ultimately our executives opted not to upgrade or renew, although there were a number of reasons.
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              We have been a long-time Jigsaw user and were fairly happy with it.  Recently we added Data.com Enterprise Clean in order to standardize our Account data (location, industry, revenue, etc.).   Our match rate on Accounts is only 58% and we have to tweak some of the data (e.g. website, name, etc.) to get a match, which is painful.  Their Industry data data seems to be highly inaccurate, but the NAICS codes (from D&B) are consistently accurate and we are using them rather than the industry.  We opened a support ticket because the website they have for The Home Depot was incorrect and they said that there isn't anything they can do about it except report it to D&B because they are providing that data; however, Hoovers.com (owned by D&B) has the correct website.  We're losing patience with these guys.
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                Kimi Heskett
                Thanks everyone for the feedback!
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                  Hi Kimi-
                  We have evaluated Data.com for almost two years - and despite what their sales person says, the truth is in the results of their data.......it is still very much Jigsaw's DB and has not been improved upon significantly at all.  What makes it worse is that you have to license a a separate user login for MKTO if you choose to integrate it.

                  Unless stuff changes, I'd recommend steering clear until improvements are made.