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How do I avoid having a duplicate lead to be created when A lead is created via Linkpoint sync to SFDC?

Question asked by 24851 on May 29, 2013
Just like many SFDC users, we not only have Marketo app syncing to SFDC but others as well. We use Linkpoint to send emails and create entries into Marketo. Anytime a lead opens an email, we have Marketo assign it 1 point.

The problems is, when that recipient opens the email, Marketo doesn't sync it to the existing lead. It creates a new MKtounknown and assigns the point there. It doesn't see that the email already exists. Is it because our sync time-delay was set infrequently? It happens to us numerous times a day. 

By the way, the emails are identical so i don't know why it just doesn't sync.

Please advice