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    How to grow your database with email contact information


      I have a question on how to grow the email addresses in our current database. We've grown our database in a number of ways and have imported lists into the database without the full set of information (in particular email). 

      We've tried appending the contact information with a data vendor without much success. Outside of doing more data appending and having reps call to validate information, is there another alternative to grow the email base within our current database?

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          Lead generation campaigns with forms on landing pages are your best bet. If your current database is a purchased list, you'll want to offer relevant high value content, gated with a landing page form. Once the lead fills out the appropriate information, not only will you confirm the data based on the form, you'll be able to learn what content produces higher conversions.

          To answer your question more succinctly, you'll want to develop an overall strategy for lead generation that optimizes relevant channels (social, email, trade shows, webinars, etc.). The next step would be to develop a strategy for managing these leads throughout the various stages of the lead life cycle using Marketo and your CRM. 

          Hope that helps!

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            Hi Jessie,

            Thanks for the feedback. For our instance, we wouldn't be able to reach out to them since we don't have their email address to begin with for some of the contacts. Outside of having a rep call them to validate information and get their email address, would you recommend any other strategies?