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How to Customize Web Page Activity Report

Question asked by 7bd945c890da454f04c45e613130f586b2ee3fcf on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by 7bd945c890da454f04c45e613130f586b2ee3fcf
I would like to automate subscriptions of a report showing known leads that visited our pricing page. But, I dont see how to add columns to the report. Ive cloned and tried every type of web activity report and dont see any option to do this. (it's not in Report Actions - not grayed out, just not an option period). 

I dont want to see the referrer page or entry page but I do want to see the lead owner, company name and lead name and date they visited the pricing page. Is this even possible? Ive made a smart list, cloned the report, tried every web report - feel like Ive done everything possible. Help!