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    Video HTML Bootcamp - the BASICS of HTML

           Hi Community -

           I figured someone out there might benefit from the training I provided my team yesterday. We have two new colleagues, and 3 others who had no concepts of HTML. So I wanted to bring to them the foundation ideas.

           If you have any clue about anything in HTML, this is much too basic for you. This is really for people who have no clue what HTML means, how it's written, anything. They just know they like pretty webpages. This is for you! 

           BOOTCAMP! Plus it's always fun to imagine me (listen to me) making women in heels run in place. (To my credit, they are dutch, if they can bike & walk on cobblestones in heels, they can run in place for 15 seconds)

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRg2sUJECak  Enjoy!