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Marketo Forms in Unbounce

Question asked by 15164 on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by a22dbe1175bd3dfb78f99a3860c5fb29979f39d1
Has anyone succeeded in integrating a Marketo form with Unbounce landing pages? I can't get the validation to work; I've tried including the javascript in the "html" as well as as separate javascript snippets.



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      And I should perhaps mention that I don't want to use a webhook.
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        I'm listening here - we need to integrate Unbounce with Marketo as well. 

        Kind regards

        Niels Tybjerg
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          I'm having issues as well - we're you able to find a solution?
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            We were able to do it without any issues using the embed code from a Marketo 2.0 form. You will need to add the munchkin code snippet to every LP though.
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              Sounds wonderful Amanda! Do you mind sharing just how you got your munchkin code and how/where you inserted in into Unbounce?
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                I managed to get Form 2.0 to work without using any muchkin code, just the embed code...
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                  Hey Thomas,

                  The form will work with the embed code. But if you want to do any tracking on visits to the page, or use the webpage as a constraint to track "filled out form on Page X", you need to have the munchkin code on the Unbounce page in addition to the code to embed the form. 

                  When you're editing the Unbounce landing page, there should be a javascript button on the bottom left. Click it and add your munchkin code. 

                  For instructions on where to generate your munchkin code to add to external sites, check out this doc:

                  I used asynchronous code option for quicker page loads. 
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                    Thanks again, Amanda, I truly appreciate your help!

                    I have been playing around a bit and have some additional issues... challenges.

                    When I use the form on a Marketo landing page, I get available information prefilled. However, using the same form on an Unbounce page, or a plain php page on a separate server (and using the asynchronous munchkin code), the form doesn't prefill.

                    The progressive profiling works, though none of the already existing information is shown in the form.

                    Feel free to try yourself;

                    EDIT: I found the answer on the forum:


                    Form Prefill does not work when embedding a form on your own pages. It only works on Marketo landing pages


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                      Unfortunately, you are correct Thomas. Prefill does not work in Forms 2.0, apparently by design. A Marketo employee indicated that although an exact timeline is unknown, prefill on embedded forms is on the list of enhancements for 2014:

                      The best way to get enhancements moved up the list is to vote on ideas asking for them. The more interest the community shows, the higher Marketo will prioritize a deal.

                      Vote on the idea to include prefill on Forms 2.0 here:
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                        Again, thank you very much Amanda. I truly appreciate your help. And yes, I just voted for the prefill functionality.
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                          Just to add something to the discussion...

                          For a partner we're working with to copromote an upcoming webinar, the Marketo form 2.0 that was embedded in our Unbounce form just wouldn't load. I had him verify his javascript settings, but it still wouldn't load. I wasn't able to recreate the issue and I went through code verification with a fine toothed comb. The only thing I can think of as causing their issue is that there's a firewall setting preventing javascript from loading.

                          This presented an issue for me because:
                          1.           we sell into the finance industry and I can assume that, given the confidential sensitivity of data in the industry, there are likely a lot of our prospect companies that could have similar settings
                          2.           our conversion rates are lower than I would expect on click throughs from digital advertising
                          So I decided to try something new; I copied the page source code from the unbounce page to a Marketo landing page (using a blank, no css template) and added the Marketo form on the Marketo landing page, since then javascript wouldn't be an issue. 

                          It seems to have worked fine. The page will still detect if it's being accessed from a mobile device and then redirect to the mobile Unbounce page we created. 

                          This likely won't be an issue for the majority of Unbounce/Marketo users (<0.02% browsers in the US have javascript disabled), but I couldn't risk this cross-promotion being a flop because of javascript/firewall issues.
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                            Hi Amanda,

                            We're just setting up our Unbounce pages for the first time.  When you added your Munchkin code, did you place it before the body end tag, after the body tag, or in the head?

                            Also, how did your "hack" work out when you copied the Unbounce page source into a Marketo landing page?  Sounds like this might be the easier option.

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                              Hi Irene,

                              Place the munchkin code in the head. As for my hack, copying the Unbounce source code to a blank Marketo template didn't really work - it wouldn't render properly. 

                              I've now engaged a developer to create a webhook so that I can use Unbounce forms on Unbounce pages. Hopefully this will solve the issue!

                              Let me know if you need more help.

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                                hi Amanda. I'm getting an invalid HTML error when I try to embed the Marketo script into the Custom HTML Unbounce field. Did you do anything special on the Unbounce side, to successfully display the Marketo's form code?

                                I've placed the the Munchkin script on the bottom left Unbounce and its works ok, just can't make the Unbounce form come to life.


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                                  Hi Jon,

                                  Are you using the new Form 2.0 format and the embed code that it provides? Is Unbounce giving you an error when you put the code into the edit page, or when you've viewing a saved page?


                                  • 64569
                                    Hello Amanda,

                                    We followed the instructions on the developer website to a T ( and are also getting the error. Can you walk me through exactly how you got this to work with the embed code in the unbounce settings on the back end?
                                    • a22dbe1175bd3dfb78f99a3860c5fb29979f39d1
                                      Hi Amanda,

                                      I'm not quite sure what you mean about the unbounce settings on the back end. I need more info and will message you on LinkedIn.