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Contact Responsibility Overwrite

Question asked by 4ef35a4c65312eb3ade60935af1b7efb4ed7e0f8 on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by 4ef35a4c65312eb3ade60935af1b7efb4ed7e0f8

We're looking at different contact responsibilities in our entire SFDC database.

We recently setup some smart lists/campaigns to change over some of our SFDC contacts's contact responsbility roles.

For some reason, their contact responsibility roles did not populate to our keywords, after running the campaign.


I created a smart list for 'Inside Sales' where

Job Title contains 'Inside'

My smart campaign flow is set to:

Change Data Value: Attibute: Contact Responsibility | New Value: Inside Sales.

If this was recently set to a certain value from the C.R. list, can Marketo overwrite it?