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    What is "Original Search Engine" field mean?

      Hello all.

      I'm struggling to find a clear definition of what the "Original Search Engine" field means and if its populated with "Google" but the Original Referrer field is showing another URL what this means?

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          Josh Hill
          Original Search Engine is populated the first time Marketo sees if the lead came in via a known search engine. It might be that the lead came in from Google once, then a Referrer URL, or that those were different when the lead was created.
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            Nathan Allison
            Original Search Engine and Original Referrer are separate and distinct events in Marketo.  

            Original Search Engine is essentially SEO/organic search activity that happened the step before a conversion.

            Original Referrer is obtained from a visitor's browser, essentially looking at the value of the page that was visited before visting the conversion page.  

            It is a bit confusing because Original Referrer can be the same value as Original Search Engine, but they don't have to match.  For example, if a lead got to your site via social channel or another 3rd party site, Original Referrer would be set, but not Original Search Engine.
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