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    Adding Social Buttons to an Email

      I know it's possible to add the social buttons to a landing page, but is it also possible to add those to an email?
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          In short, no. Not the same cool way you can now add them to landing pages. Marketo has said this in the works but not sure when. The alternative is manually putting icons for each social network and hyperlinking them - which is a pain.
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            This might help: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoIdeaDetail?id=08750000000IiekAAC.  A couple of community members gave some ideas on how you can get around that.  Also, they have created the idea to make it more native.  You can like the idea and maybe they will implement it.  
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              Unfortuantely if you really want this you should go to something like addthis or sharethis, which isn't immediately helpful. If you could use "View as Webpage" as a token, you could embedd that URL into a social sharing button, but unfortunately you can't.

              We use a token, {{lead.Social Buttons}}, that is managed by my Lead Creation process, such that when a new lead is created it assigns them the appropriate social media channels for their country. France has Viadeo, Germany has Xing, plus everyone has their own twitter feed, etc. But that isn't social sharing in the respect that they can share the content of that particular email, but rather connect with the corporate channels. Not the same.