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    Social Media Manager for Social Media Explorer Work From Anywhere Culture

      Social Media Explorer | SME Digital is looking to build its bench of self-driven and dynamic Social Media Managers. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for using content marketing strategies to deliver outstanding results. They are well-versed in all facets of content marketing including managing content development from blogs to e-books to webinars and thrive on building linear and non-linear content campaigns that identify the client’s most valuable prospects and customers.

      We are looking for Social Media Managers with exceptional project management and content marketing skills with 2-3 years of content marketing, marketing automation and social media experience.  Social Media Managers are on the front lines of creating and implementing content marketing strategies that leave our client’s audience saying “Holy Smokes, That’s __________.” Awesome. Amazing. Helpful. Hilarious. Our Social Media Managers create the content and follow-up that makes the audience take notice and our clients say “wow!” SME’s Social Media Managers are extremely well-versed in using marketing automation tools to build dynamic campaigns that nurture opportunities to close.

      •           The Social Media Manager is a critical role on every client team who functions as the team’s content champion.
      •           Building killer marketing automation programs that are designed to achieve the client’s objectives including creating segmentations, lead scoring models, drip email campaigns, and supporting content.
      •           Developing & implementing strategies for improving visitor-to-lead conversion of content.
      •           Leveraging social networks to enhance campaign performance and nurture prospects.
      •           Creating lead funnels that are supported by content that help identify when leads get to the next sales stage.
      •           Strategizing, writing, and creating content that steps outside of the norm and delivers the ultimate client and prospect experience.
      •           Developing SEO framework for content and optimizing content for search engines.
      •           Develop systems, protocols, and templates for content marketing that can be used to improve efficiency and overall impact.
      •           Analyzing data to understand how the content marketing plan is performing, what content is driving the most action, what content is driving the most engagement, and ultimately which content is the most successful at driving conversions.
      •           Using data to optimize campaign performance and exceed client expectations.
      •           Collaborating and building relationships with thought leaders and influencers in multiple industries.
      •           Strategizing and conducting influencer outreach that aligns the influencer’s needs and the client’s needs.
      •           Managing 3rd party vendors and freelancers used for content production. Ensuring all content meets the SME Holy Smokes standard, meets the client’s objectives and ultimately rocks awesome prior to delivering to the Strategic Account Manager.
      •           Managing internal and client deadlines to ensure projects are delivered on-time and on-budget.
      •           Other duties as assigned.

      •           Social Media Managers must be self-driven and be comfortable working independently and fit into Social Media Explorer’s work from anywhere culture.
      •           Social Media Managers must genuinely care about the customer experience for SME’s clients.
      •           Social Media Managers must have exceptional time management skills. He/she has likely been asked on more than one occasion, how they manage to get it all done so exceptionally well with everything else on their plate.
      •           Social Media Managers must have a strong attention to detail, have exceptional writing and grammar skills, and the ability to see how marketing campaigns fit into an overall system for achieving an objective.
      •           Social Media Managers must have experience developing multi-faceted content marketing strategy including
      •           Social Media Managers must be able to deliver exceptional results without someone watching over their shoulder and making sure their job is done.
      •           Social Media Managers must be highly detail oriented and be able to manage complex projects that require coordination of multiple internal and external resources. He/She probably has a vintage collection of Post-It Notes and To-Do lists.
      •           Social Media Managers must be highly collaborative with SME employees and external resources.
      •           Experience in digital marketing and a marketing agency preferred.
      •           Experience in Marketo required. 
      What it’s Like to Work for Social Media Explorer | SME Digital
      Our employees enjoy the freedom to move about the world. SME encourages employees to enjoy travel and life’s experiences in our workshifting culture. Our only requirement is that employees have access to hi-speed internet and are available for client and internal calls between 8 am – 5 pm ET as scheduled, unless the employee is on vacation. Employees at SME are supported in their career advancement through multiple tracks for promotion which include skill development, mentoring and opportunity alignment. SME has one primary goal, to help our clients become credible business leaders in their organization. Our job is to mentor clients through the transition from marketers to rock stars. We also happen to be pretty darn good using digital marketing as the platform to achieve it. Measurement of success is a cornerstone of our business. Every month we ask employees two questions: Did we deliver exceptional results? Are clients happy? We pride ourselves on answering yes, repeatedly. Sometimes this turns into an awesome group head banging session. We are here to change how marketers are perceived in business. If you’re interested in being a part of an amazing team that lives, eats, and breathes our client’s business in a performance-based work environment we want to hear from YOU!

      How to Apply

      Send an email with three paragraphs to Jay Kelly jkelly|@|socialmediaexplorer|.| com with the following.
      Tell us what makes you a rock star and why we should hire you. Tell us what you think companies are doing wrong in content marketing. Tell us what you think companies are doing right. Finally, tell us what we would see you doing if you are working in your zone of genius.

      Put Purple Cow – SMM Content Genius in the subject line. Resumes not accepted.