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    Adding hyperlink to form labels

    Chandini Kalsy
      We need to insert our company's privacy policy link to a Marketo form label "Agreement_Privacy_Policy". Can somebody in the community direct me to resources which I can use to implement this.

      Is it possible to accomplish this without coding?


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          I think you would have to do some coding for this.  Can you just add a link on the page itself.  If it is in an i-frame, you should still be able to add a link to that page.  

          If you did a hard coded link to the form, I am pretty sure you will need to add that code to the landing page.  That being the case, I think the simplist option would just be to add the link to the page itself.  

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            This would be a great feature of Forms 2.0. I'd also like to be able to put a link to the privacy policy directly into the form label for the field which captures whether people provide permission for emails.
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              Chandini Kalsy
              Thanks Adam, Josh. It looks like we would need to do some coding. Can you please share how you have implemented privacy policy agreements in your forms? Would appreciate if you can send me links.

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                Of course Eric already answered this. In searching for this thread to reply to, I found his answer. Easy peasy.

                < ****type="text/javascript">
                $('#RequestedNewsletter').parent().children('label').html('I accept the website <a target="_blank" title="Our Terms and Conditions" href="http"//example.com/tancd.html">terms and conditions</a>.');

                Where ***** = script
                And RequestedNewsletter is the id of the field you want to update the label for... And the bold part within (' ')  is the text for the label itself.