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    ading a smart list to a list

      Hi, I am trying to add a smart list to a list and instead of having the users from both listes added, it somehow excludes them...
      is this feature available in marketo? is it not possible to add smart lists and lists?
      Appreciate your answers

        • Re: ading a smart list to a list
          Hi Ramon.

          Can you explain litle more what you want?

          If you want a Smart list to Automate to a List you can do so.
          •           Create a Program
          •           Lead in Smartlist (yours)
          •           Flow: Add them to a "My List"
          •           Shedule 1 every day. (Lead rule can run every time, or once)

          Keep in mind a smart list is set to some Critria that is changing all the time. So if your My List need to be updated you need to do this Reverse as well. If they dont meet there Smart list Kritiria then you need to remove them from "My list"

          Hope you get the picture. Or feel free to ask.