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Old data syncing? ...or not?

Question asked by 13327 on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by 29109
Question: What actions have to take place, for any data changes in SF to sync back to Marketo? I'm seeing changes made in SF in April, that just synced to Marketo today.

Big Picture: We have two fields: Lead Source and Lead Source Details... pretty standard.

These fields in SF have a validation rule, blocking all users (except for our SF admin, and me) to making updates to these fields. (There was an error in this rule for a while, and we noticed that values for these fields were changing, requiring us to go back and manually correct any false values. That said, to ensure that this didn't occur again, I created an alert, to tell me anytime a new value populated either of these fields (when the previous value wasn't empty... so it had to be replacing  previous hard value.)

Normally, I don't receive these alerts (unless I manually change something, in which case, the alert is expected!) This morning however, I received a few alerts.... each change to the data value seems to have occured from a salesforce sync. Seeing this, we looked into SF, and found:

- The validation rule remains the same, and should be functioning (meaning, no other SF users should be able to alter the value).

-Looking at Contact history... changes to the LS/LSD were made back in April.... not this morning

- Ran a report on all LS/LSD fields that were changed today (thus causing the alert)... and the names don't appear on that report (alas, they happened in April)

This makes me deduce that the changes to these few leads happened a while back.... but are just now syncing to Marketo. Though, I"m confused by the delay in that sync time. Unless only updating certain fields will trigger a true sync (eg - Contact Owner, etc.)