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Tracking an Embedded Survey Monkey Survey

Question asked by a9d96b5850f5062ffd6b141414b43623bebef007 on May 23, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by 31925
I'm trying to develop a drip smart campaign to direct customers to fill out a survey.

So far I have embedded a survey from Survey Monkey in a Marketo landing page. Also I have set up a nurture campaign to send out a series of 3 emails (about a week apart) linking to the landing page.

I want to be able to remove any customer that  fill out the survey from the nurture campaign in order to prevent them from getting the rest of the emails. I think I have to create a 2nd smart Campaign for the people who have filled out the survey. This smart campaign will remove the people who have submitted the survey from the original campaign.

How would I define the smart list for the 2nd campaign to only add people who have completed the survey? Is there a way to track who submits a Survey Monkey survey?

Thanks a lot!