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    Link Form to Webinar

      Does anyone have success with linking a webinar to a form? So if a lead fills out the form, the webinar will immediately pop up and start playing? Any advice/tips would be great.
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          How are you saving your webinars? I think part of the issue maybe with your webinar recording. We integrated with Webex so our recordings are always stored on a Marketo landing page. Once a lead clicks the form, they are redirected to the landing page where they can chose to download or stream the webinar. I'm not sure if Webex has an "autoplay" option, but perhaps it does and you could embed that on your landing page. I know that Youtube videos autostart.
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            As Carey said, put the video on a landing page and have the followup URL for the Form be the landing page. As for auto-play it depends on the video container you use as to whether or not it's supported. personally I find autoplay annoying.
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              I don't believe we are integrated with webex. Is that a time consuming process? Any suggestions on how to go about integrating?

              We are using PPC ads right now, and wanted to set up the process so that if a lead clicks one of the PPC banner campaigns that says "see a webinar" they will be taken directly to the webinar rather than having to fill out a form and see the webinar. However, we plan on using the form so that we can see who converts. Does this have to be done? Is there a way to see who views the webinar without having to make the lead fill out a form? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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                The integration itself isn't too time consuming, but you do need an administrator to set it up. Once you have it set up, you get a lot of cool features such as tracking who registers, attends or watches the recording.

                What about posting your Webinar to a youtube video? You can embed the video on a landing page. Youtube also tracks the numbers of views, even on embedded videos. That will give you a count of views only, and not a list of people specifically.

                You have to have a form if its the first time that a person is engaging with your content, otherwise they will remain anonymous. Then, if you already have their information in your database and they watch and additional webinar via one of your landing pages, it should still track them.