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    Alert Email to Sales

      We currently have an alert set up to send an email to sales anytime someone requests a demo.  Will the salesperson receive an email if the same lead requests a demo twice?  I'm assuming no since that recently happened and the salesperson wasn't alerted.  Is there a way to change this?
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          Hi Kelly,

          We have a similar campaign set up to notify our sales team when someone requests a demo. At the moment, we don't have any logic set up to not alert them if someone requests a demo a second time. I'd guess you would want to add a constraint the email flow step that looks for "If Lead [filled out form/requested demo] then [do nothing]".

          You may want to consider the instances in which a lead would request a demo twice before setting up this logic. We've seen instances where someone requested a demo and fell off the radar; then requested a second demo a couple months later and the business was closed. Just something to consider.
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            Thanks Justin!  I don’t think we have any logic set up to prevent sales to receive an alert for the 2nd demo request.  I tested it on my end and I only received the alert once also.  Do you know what else would cause the alert to only come through for the first request?
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              Hey Kelly,

              On the Schedule tab for the campaign, you can control how many times a Lead can be run through by changing the Qualification Rules. The options are only once (which is the default and probably what is happening in your instance), every time (so they could through 20 times hypothetically), or once every: and you determine the time frame; could be hours, days, weeks, or months.

              Hope that helps!