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    Change contact owner name

      While my account owners are all correct assigned, I have contacts that have are not assigned to accounts.  How do I change the name of the contact owner in Marketo?  
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          Hi Deb,

          You can accomplish this using a smart campaign:
          1.           Create a static or smart list of the contacts whose values you want to change
          2.           Cite this "member of this list" in the smart list of a smart campaign.
          3.           The flow will be "change data value," attribute = "new owner"
          4.           You can run this campaign nightly or one time by toggling recurrence.
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            Hi Deb!

            You can select the leads or a group of leads and use the flow step "Change Owner" - you might also want to send an alert or create a task for the new owner so they can add those contacts to the right accounts.