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    Anyone using Data.com in SFDC?

    Kimi Heskett
      We are moving to SFDC (yay!) and are evaluating the Data.com piece. Anyone using is? Love it? Dissapointed in it? Any feedback would be great!
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          Hi Kimi,

          Congrats on moving to SFDC. (so much nicer there, like going to the beach)

          Data.com has issues with the integration. See my full guide here:

          What you decide is up to what you want to accomplish:
          -Account info updates? (company, SIC codes, addresses, hierarchy)
          -Missing lead info updates? Can be helpful with non-MQLs
          -prospecting - buy your team LinkedIn passes

          My feeling is to stick with the SFDC version and avoid integrating it with Marketo. Or try Hoover's to fill in Account info, if that's what you really want.

          Like most of these databases, the contact info is 70% accurate at best. I had a 10% match rate or worse with Data.com when matching against my existing Marketo database.
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            We have a single user Jigsaw license, which makes the data.com elements on the records viewable only to the login associated with that license.  Unfortunately, the bulk update capability is only available if you buy a license for every SFDC seat that you have, which gets pretty expensive.  We just periodically send out our data to be augmented, rather than paying for the always on Data.com capability for everyone.  BTW - Data.com has licensed the Hoovers database for the company info, so it is a bit more accurate than before.

            We have about the same match rate that Josh mentioned - nothing is 100%.
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              Elliott's approach is a good one.

              Another reason to avoid Data.com is because much of the info is from Hoover's anyway.
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                Kimi Heskett
                I was under the impression that data.com got their company info from Dun & Bradstreet -- not Hoovers. Am I wrong?
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                  Hoovers is a D&B company.
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                    Hi Kimi -

                    Josh and I have discussed this point before regarding match rates and more with this solution, and it's in line with an upcoming case study I have from Steve Susina at Crain who got a 10-15% match rate with Data.com and an 80% match rate with ReachForce DataCleanse & Append solution. ReachForce SmartForms is another data enrichment solution that will update your new inbound leads in real-time. The Marketo configuration allows you total control of what data attribute you wish to be master - no overwriting anything unless you want to. In my own Marketo flow, I push all the appended fields to dedicated stand alone fields and then built a Marketo data program that will look for empty address or phone fields etc and then copy in the SmartForms appended data. If there already is an address and phone (perhaps added in by the sales rep through Salesforce), I wouldn't want to overwrite that.

                    There are other solutions out there as well.