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    Changing Default Fonts

           Hey everyone,
           Is there a way to change the default fonts in emails and landing pages? I tried adding a style into the head part of the blank email template, but when I created a test email, the font still showed up as Times New Roman.

           Unfortunately, the ladies using Marketo don't understand HTML so I'm trying to make updating my email templates easier for them (aka not needing them to to go into the HTML button at all).

           In additon to the font-family change, we have a standard line-height and margin-top setting. I'd really like to get them incorporated into my emails and landing pages if possible.

           Any one know how to do it???


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          Unfortunately, HTML email is a creaky old beast that doesn't respect any sort of web standard, and has to be coded to the "weakest link" of email clients.

          Your style declarations need to be made inline with the element (e.g. <p style="font-family:Arial">Text</p>). 

          What you can do is code your email outside of Marketo and put it through a CSS inliner which will add the styles inline that you declare in a stylesheet or style tag in the header.

          Landing pages should work just fine.
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            Thanks Jason. All my emails currently have the HTML inline, but when the ladies need to just change the text, they want to copy and paste directly and thus write over my inline styles. I was hoping to make it easier for them, but such is life! Time to teach them HTML! :)

            Thank you for the response.
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                   Hey Jaime- Have them copy their text FIRST into Notepad or TextEdit, a "style deleter" ... If you pass MS word formatted text into Notepad, then it will delete all the style and only paste the text.

                   As an asside, I don't know how you've written your emails. But I write the styles, not inline on the paragraphs & headings themselves, but into the DIV tag. So I have <div class="mktEditable" id="uniqueid" style="This Div's style formatting">

                   Then if someone does use Marketo to put in some inline text styles, ie changes the font size, etc.  The next time, instead of having to recreate all my styles, I can just delete the inline styles and it reverts back to the <div> 's styling.

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                Good idea Adam! I'll have to check to see if I can recode my emails to have the styles in the DIV tags instead of inline.