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Filtering based on dynamic on hold date

Question asked by 42152 on Dec 2, 2013
We have a sales force field of on hold; where a date can be put in to stop marketing a lead until the date chosen. We need to exclude these leads from getting emails. To do so; we can use 2 different steps. Selecting leads who have an on hold date that is empty OR who have an on hold date on or after the date we're sending. 

For individual blasts this works fine. However, we have nurture campaigns set up, where we need this same logic to be used. The problem is that because the nurture campaigns are auto sent each day, we need a way to update the date used on the on hold on or after to be the day of the send. 

If there is a way to set is up as 'current calendar day' or something dynamically similar, that would be ideal. Or another fix that would allow for me to only select leads who were never on hold, or were only on hold on dates previously.