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    Asset measurement

      Is there any way to track the total downloads of a particular asset, for example, a white paper that may have been used across multiple regions on a number of landing pages or as a link in emails? I want to be able to report on what assets are having the best success in terms of downloads or views.
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          You could build a smart list based on "clicks on link" withe modifier "contains"(name of your whitepaper) ...also use the filter "clicks link ine email" to get the conversions straight from a Marketo email
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            We accomplish this using Google Analytics and have created a custom folder on each of our websites that essentially treats each document view as a page view recorded in google analytics so we can get a report like this:


            Of course, this is a fix for your future visits, but if you would like the elements to put together something like this for yourself, let me know.
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              Cool, but a big goal of Marketo is to looks at reports like this based on "Sales acceptance criteria" Downloads by students, sales rejected leads and competitors need to be filtered from the report...
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                So true!

                Personally, some of the features of google analytics are helpful for us so it suits some of our reporting needs.

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                  Michelle Tiziani
                  Google Analytics also helps me.  I use it along side the reports that I look at in Marketo.
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                         We have a little bit different setup, based on a different Marketo architecture:

                         We have a canonical program for each of our assets, and that's the only program that sends out an auto-response email that contains the link to the PDF. It's triggered with a "campaign is requested" call from Marketo. Every time we have new advertising campaigns, they get new programs, and instead of containing their own auto-response emails upon form-fillout, they request the canonical asset auto-response. 

                         This way, we can track when someone downloads the asset directly from our website (which is considered canonical) and which come from advertising campaigns, but they're all summed up in the canonical content campaigns. This is also useful for doing cost data, since we can assign a production cost to the piece of content on the canonical level, and then figure out how effective each piece of data is, and what its average content consumption is versus other pieces of content. Then we can keep the advertising spend in its own bucket through the advertising programs.

                         Another key part of the canonical programs is that every time an auto-response is sent (through the canonical program auto-response), we add them (through flow step) to the "DL - [Content Type]: [Content Name]" list. We can then use this is a canonical "has been sent this asset or not" piece of logic, which we apply to our nurture programs and suggested resource programs—"if this person has consumed this piece of content, don't try promoting it to them" kind of thing.

                         It requires a bit different architecture, but I think it's much more organized, and it helps for building out other advanced campaigns.

                    Edward Unthank
                         Marketing Operations Specialist

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                      Hi Edward, 

                      We crafted something similar to what you have setup and like the tagging options.  I'm curious how you have your channels / success statuses setup for the Canonical Content Campaigns. Would you mind sharing some more info? 

                      I was planning on using the "Member of Program" filter / trigger for list building and automation. I noticed you have a strategy using the "DL - [Content Type]: [Content Name]" lists.  Did you find an issue using program filters or are the lists more scalable? 

                      Your "canonical content campaigns" sound like what we call "Listeners". 

                      For example in our setup  "eBook Campaign 1" is a smart campaign housed within a program tied to our eBook channel which has these statuses:

                      if someone clicks the link in the email or clicks the pdf link we set the status to Downloaded and it's an aggregated number for the eBook and tracks success.  

                      The only way someone is added to "eBook Campaign 1" is from the "Campaign is Requested" trigger which happens from one of several "Listener" campaigns.  The Listener campaigns store cost and also have a trail of tags for reporting. 

                      (sounds quite like what you have going on)