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    didnt prefill the form

      Hi Team,

      I have created landing page and Copy pasted Customized HTML in it with some validation on Form HTML  but,   It didn’t prefill the form (didn’t read my browser cookie)? I tested on Firefox, and usually everything prepopulates.

      Steps Followed to Put Customize HTML.

      1. Created Form
      2. Created Landing page.
      3. Inserted form on created landing page
      4. Right clicked the page and selected Approve Draft in the menu.
      5. clicked the View Approved Page button.
      6. landing page opened in a new window
      7. View the source of newly published landing page (control-u in most browsers).
      8. Copied source of Landing page
      9. Selected Custom HTML button in Edit Daft
      10. In the custom HTML pasted customize HTML with some country specific and email specific validation.
      11. Deleted Form from landing page and only left with customize HTML with updated code.

      Campaign is running fine but the only issue is it didn't prefill data.

      Please assist asap.



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          Are you using a Marketo Form on a non-marketo landing page?
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            Is the new landing page based on the blank template, leaving everything up to custom HTML?

            Adding custom JavaScript validation to the original landing page would be more maintainable.

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              Hi Ashley,

              I am using Marketo Form but, as mentioned before i extracted form HTML by viewing source from approved draft of landing page and then copied the same in custom HTML.

              Fyi I have copied complete form HTML  and deleted form from landing page and left with only custom HTML.


              Hi bgomes

              Yes landing page based on blank template.. 

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                     I have the same question. 

                     Basically, we're following the instructions on this help page: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000KyqgCAC

                     The form works, the validation works. The use-case is that iframes aren't *awesome* (<-- understatement) for employing responsive designs and flexible layouts. 

                     I notice that on the native blank Marketo-page (the one we copied the form elements and script tags from), there seems to be some dynamic markup written just below the opening <head> tag. 

                     <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="http://d2yeu2mwujl2s5.cloudfront.net/3.18-36/styles/widgets.css">

                     <script src="http://d2yeu2mwujl2s5.cloudfront.net/3.18-36/js/CF_insight.min.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>


                     <script type="text/javascript">
                      var mktoPreFillFields = {"Email":decodeURIComponent("leadmclead%40gmail.com"),"FirstName":decodeURIComponent("Lead"),"LastName":decodeURIComponent("McLead")};

                     Looking at the template file, it seems this is written to the page <head> before the first piece of visible template markup is (and there does not seem to be a PHP call of any sort in the template that does this - at least, not based on the position). 

                     I'd guess that this is a server injected piece of markup that has something to do with the form prefill. Is there anyway to dynamically hook into that process manually if we're successfully putting our form markup in our own CMS pages on our own domain?


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                  According to this thread from Marketo, this isn't possible.

                  Marketo needs to make this available. Responsive design is hitting in a big way, and iframes don't cut it anymore.
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                         @chrisyakimov ... I had the same struggle. I finally got the form to pre-fill by calling the SOAP getLead method:


                         This brings in all data for a lead, so if all you want is to pre-fill the form fields, this will get you there; however, it doesn't really work with what I want to do - the progressive profiling. It seems that the progressive profiling looks for that mktoPreFillFields variable to be populated based on what is needed. 

                         I can't seem to find a SOAP API call that will give me that information. If anyone knows what that might be, I'd appreciate it.

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                      I have a problem when embed source from non-marketo landing page in my site.Normally, it works CORRECT, except Prefill form doesn't work. I found some article related about this issues:

                      But it seems doesn't help and explain why it doesn't work.
                      I have checked the source of the form in the first time visit (clear all the cookies), there is no variable "mktoPreFillFields" in the header.
                      But after submit form, and i come back this page, i check source again, now we have a variable "mktoPreFillFields" with all the infos which i have submited.

                      I know this is workflow, it will work automatics, but on my side, it doesn't generate the object mktoPreFillFields with the infos submitted.