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    Does anyone use ReachForce's Smart Forms?

      I just saw Jon Miller's (VP Marketing, Marketo) shining endorsement for ReachForce: http://www.reachforce.com/resources/Customer-Success/Marketo.aspx.

      Is anyone else using this with success - particularly in the healthcare industry?
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          I've seen some cool things with it, but never used it.

          If you post this to linked in or check g2crowd.com, you might find more details.
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            As a Marketo & ReachForce SmartForms user, I can tell you it has some incredible capabilties, but it's my product, so I'm pretty biased. The matching data universe is pretty comprehensive and the integration potential with Marketo is pretty robust. For example, since the data from SmartForms hits Marketo along with the rest of the lead info, you can trigger tailored messaging on the confirmation page by any segment you pick. The user selection for location helps with match accuracy by location, and of course you can route your leads to sales by whatever is your process - Global HQ, local office, size of revenues, etc.

            There's some information in Launchpoint, but if you have further questions just shoot me at email or find me on LinkedIn. Josh and I had a chat about our matching rates about a month ago, and the high rate is another strong benefit of all our data products.

            Hopefully this was helpful not spammy!