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Filter values for smartlist not appearing

Question asked by c998ee24ee4cba72e330fc55ba5e9c8d4bbf0a64 on Feb 6, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2013 by c998ee24ee4cba72e330fc55ba5e9c8d4bbf0a64
How do you get your options already set into the value list for a select field in a form to show up in the Multiple Value Chooser dialog box to be able to choose them in a filter for a smart list?

I’ve added a form with the graduation date using the field ‘StartTerm’ and added options in the value list;
first screenshot
I want to filter out people in a smartList who have selected certain options from this list, however they’re not appearing in the multiple value chooser (below).
second screenshot
Is there something else you need to do to get these to appear?
The campaign they’re coming from is ‘activated’.
Any help appreciated, thanks.