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    Running monthly numbers for database health

      I am looking to automate the process of pulling numbers every month for database health tracking. Ideally, I would like to pull the counts for things like Total Database, Total Emailable, Total Unsubscribed on the 1st of every month for the prior month and have them automatically go into a new static list. I do not see the option to create a new static list in the "Add to List" step. Is there another way to possibly do this? Thanks so much! 
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          Hi there,

          Let's see if we can get those reports created:

          1.  Total Database Size.
          This should be a simple report for you to run in the Analytics section.  If you create a "Lead Performance" report.  In the setup you'll be able to group the leads by whatever filter you'd like (maybe country or type?).  You can also add smart lists filters in, but since this is EVERYONE...you should be good with this.  Just make sure your "Created At" is All Time.  

          Then create a subscription for yourself and you can have it sent to you every 1st of the month (or weekly, daily etc.)

          2.  Total Emailable
          Clone the report you have above and add these smart lists:
          -Email Address is Not Empty
          -Email Invalid is False
          -Blacklisted is False
          -Marketing Suspended is False
          -Unsubscribed is False

          Should show you all of the total database that you can email.

          3.  Total Unsubscribed for the prior month
          Clone the Total Database again.  This time add a smart list that says "Data Value Changed" and have the value be "Unsubscribed" then add a constraint to say "New Value is True".  You'll filter this by time frame and reference "Last Month"

          *I like using data value changed as it might be their value changed via your CRM synch and not via unsubscribing from an email.  (maybe they called in).

          If you wanted to add these people to a static list you could have a smart campaign do it or you could run it in a smart list in the lead database and use a single flow actoin.  You WILL have to build the static list first in the lead database section of Marketo before you can add people to it.

          Hope that helps!
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            Thank you, Michael! I had not thought about using subscriptions to pull the reports. I will definitely have to play with that. 

            The only bummer is that you can't set up the system to auto-create the static list with a new naming convention each month. Great idea on the data value changed, too!
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              Great ideas Michael.

              Raingal7, you do need to setup the lists in advance to populate them automatically. Maybe there is an idea on that to vote on?
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                Ooh, yes. Good idea (sorry for the pun), Josh!