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Mkto Form languages

Question asked by a7c78723bcf942e0ad684ae811adc166d60a02bf on Jan 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by a7c78723bcf942e0ad684ae811adc166d60a02bf
As i see the news from release, there is a Customize Language for Form Validation Messages.
My site has three languages, i have already create 3 Mkto forms for these pages. Now, when i get Mkto forms to implement on the templates, everything are ok as i did before.
But when updated mktFormSupport.js to add customize Language for Form Validatation Message, i don't know how to setup
mktFormLanguage by default for every languages(EN, FR, GER)?

I just see this code  on
Mkto.validateField of mktFormSupport.js   :

var lang = typeof mktFormLanguage !== 'undefined'  ? mktFormLanguage : 'English';

I don't see any parameters when init to set for mktFormLanguage by default, i just see the parameter defaultMessages for validation messages.
Please anybody can help me this issues?