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    Email Deliverability

      I just sent out my first campaign through Marketo. The campaign was deployed this morning at 10 am EST and so far only 67% of the emails have been delivered, which I find extremely low. 

      How come the percentage is so low? We did encounter a high percentage of bounce rates since our list hasn't been emailed in a while, would this be a factor?

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          I would give it 24 hours. You have emails that are still pending on the servers, soft-bounces and hard bounces.

          My first question would be where did you aquire the list of contacts from? Was it a purchased list? If so, the emails could be invalid or no longer in use.
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            Marketo does not send all the emails at once either, so you may still have Pending emails. I agree with Sierra that you need to wait up to three days to be sure all the data is complete.