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    How to unblock a field in a csv

      Hi... am trying to upload a csv and it is not recognizing a very important column (lead account owner), so need to unblock that field so that Marketo pulls in those names. Anyone can help please?

      Also looked at the article in the community but what I really need is someone people help, not article help.  

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          Hi Carla,

          I don't believe you'll be able to actually upload into the Lead Account Owner field (unless this is a custom field you built).  The standard SFDC ones and for that matter the ones in Marketo out of the box are hard coded and won't let values in.  

          You'd have to make the upates on the CRM side OR create custom fields yourself to put these values in.

          If they are custom fields and they are being blocked, then you'd be able to view them in Field Management and unblock them from data imports.

          Are you using Salesforce?  What's the context of what you're trying to do?