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Subject Line Testing Issue

Question asked by 2b42b059310113d274b8354a5b32439c8b879815 on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by 2b42b059310113d274b8354a5b32439c8b879815
Kind of a unique use case. Random sampling for testing is done in the flow step, but...

1. I already use the Flow to determine send time optimization using a custom Salesforce field and can't seem to add random sampling along with that without ruining things. (My best workaround is using those SF field constraints to somewhat randomize the sampling and just send them diff. versions of the email)

2. I also use the Flow step to ensure the lead is a member of a particular smart list before sending and can't figure out how to do random sampling there (maybe splitting the smart list?)

Does anyone know of a more convenient way to test in these scenarios?