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    50k list taking up to 4 hours to deliver

      We have a newsletter that goes out in the morning to over 50,000 recipients and it is taking up to 4 hours to complete the delivery. Marketo claims to send emails at a rate of 75k emails/hour. Can anyone explain this discrepancy? This is important to us because this newsletter relates to market information and needs to be delivered before the market opens. 

      Any insight is apprechiated. Thanks.

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          I want to subscribe to this one because I frequenly experience long delays in running smart campaigns to mass manipulate data or even when running complicated smart lists.  I am curious as to what Marketo is doing to fix the the slowness of their platform.
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            Some of the factors that will slow down smart campaign process including Send Email are:
            •           Size of your database
            •           Structure of your smart list           
              •                     "is" is faster than "starts with" and both are significantly faster than "contains"
              •                     Activity / change filters take longer to evaluate than field filters, especially if the time period you are evaluating is long
              •                     Smart lists within your smart list take longer to evaluate than static lists
            •           Marketo's system load.  If you have several items in the Campaign Queue, that will slow things down, but you have no control over high loads on shared servers at Marketo's end.

            You may want to vote for the Improve Speed Idea.