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Capturing results in Google Analytics of redirected Google Campaign URLs on Marketo landing pages

Question asked by 44144 on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by 44144
     We had a partner send out an email on our behalf to their own mailing list. The email they sent included links to a Marketo landing page on our website: 
     We wanted to track the click-throughs from our partner's email campaign using our own Google Analytics account, so we used Google Analytics Campaigns feature to create a unique tracking URL for the email's click-through link: 
     Our partner used their own email distribution system to send out the email, so the actual links that were visible in the email were redirected to the above Google Analytics tracking URL. 
     Unfortunately, Google Analytics did not capture any of these click-throughs to the Marketo landing page. 
     Can you please let us know if there was some other way we should have set up this campaign in order to be able to track these click-throughs in Google Analytics? We need to know if we should set up campaigns like this differently in the future.